Exporting integrated chromatograms from MassHunter Profinder to Mass Profiler Professional

I am using MassHunter Workstation Version 10.0 SP1 build 10.0.10142.1 to integrate total ion chromatograms (Batch Recursive Feature Extraction). Once the integration proved to be satisfactory, I export the results as Profinder Archive (.pfa) format in an attempt to import it to MassHunter Workstation Mass Profiler Professional.

I wish to do ONLY statistical analysis using MPP (on Profinder integrated chromatograms), however, once I import the pfa files, the peaks displayed in MPP do not match with the peaks integrated in profinder. In other words, it seems as if MPP re-integrates the TICs and I do not get the same peaks as I did in Profinder. I do not want MPP to affect the integration of the TICs any further.

Is this a feature that can be toggled on or off, or am I approaching this incorrectly?

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    Make certain that you have these settings for your export from Profinder

    The area column is what is being brought into MPP. It will not use the Abund or the Volume columns. 

    MPP does not perform integration. If you are trying to realign the signals you may want to check those settings, as misalignment could lead to compounds not being found. 

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