Enabling User management and Audit Trail mode functionality

My lab has two LCMS running MassHunter 10. I would like to enable Audit trails but have a question about it. When User Management and Audit Trail is enabled, are you then immediately forced to use user and groups or can you proceed without setting up users and groups and just have an audit trail? The documentation I've read is not very clear on what occurs when this is enabled. I want to add in the functionality but also need time to vet it out and work it into our policies and procedures. My concern is that once I enable this feature, the instrument would not be usable unless users and groups were set up. 

  • Hi ,

    If you enable UMAT in acquisition then yes, you will have to have all the users and groups set up. You can turn it off and on, though be aware that it is possible for a method that has an audit trail to get out of sync if it is edited in non-compliance mode and you may not be able to recover it. 

    In 10.x versions of quant you can enable UMAT and as long as you don't enable requiring a log on at launch in ATM then you can continue to run as before. If you enable an audit trail on a batch all of the entries will be made logged to the currently logged in user. 

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