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I would like to know how to change which graphics template is used when printing my chromatogram plot report in the Qualitative Analysis. In the report template folder, there are 3 graphic templates: Graphic, GraphicFullPage, and GraphicFullPageNoHeader. I can't seem to find in the method editor how to select which one to use- is there somewhere else I should be looking? Which one is the default? 

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    The report template used by Qual is set on the Templates tab in the Reports section of the method. In B.08 and Version 10 this is in the Method Automation section. The report used is based on the workflow used to generate the results. 

    In B.07 and earlier it is found in the Reports section under Common Reporting Options.

    I believe that the graphics templates you found are partial templates that are utilized by the selectable templates as needed.

    If you have the option to use PDF-based reporting or Report Builder reporting I'd suggest looking at those templates first to see if there is anything that meets your needs. Those will print much faster than the older Excel templates.

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    I am trying to have my chromatogram print only the labeled TIC. In report builder, the only way I can see to do this is to overlay the unlabeled and labeled TICs, but I can't seem to get the overlay function to work. Do you know what options I should select in the data binding section to get my chromatograms to overlay? Or, do you know how I can have my workflow only create one (labeled) TIC? 

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    I think the instructions I posted to a similar question may help.

    (3) Overlay Report Builder - Forum - Mass Spectrometry Software - Agilent Community

    Let me know if that is what you are wanting to do.

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    I am able to label my chromatogram, my issue is that when I run my method workflow, the custom report it generates has two chromatograms, one with labels and one with no labels (because there are two TIC for each sample). Since we manually write in more labels, I have made the chromatogram almost full size of the paper, which means I get two pages for every sample. I would like to eliminate the chromatogram with no labels either in the qual software or in report builder. I hope that makes sense- thanks for your help!

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    You can delete the extra TICs once you are done processing by selecting them and pressing the Delete key, or right click them and choose Delete, though this can be tedious. 

    You can create a custom workflow that duplicates your standard workflow. And then if you delete all the default TICs that are made on file open and make certain you have no other additional chromatograms being extracted you should end up with just one TIC.

    You also have to change your Compound template so that it shows under the custom workflow drop down. To do this you have to manually edit the report template with a text editor and change the entry in the DesignerType tag from CompoundDiscoveryReport to CustomWorkflowReport

    One last option that I have found works for Find by Integration workflows, is to edit the report template so that it only displays the signal that was used to create the compounds. In the default compound template this is found in the List - Sample Chromatogram section. Change the data binding by adding a check to see if a chromatogram is the compound source.

    This won't necessarily work for all workflows, but if you only want the one labeled TIC from a Find by Integration workflow it should work. 

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