subtract background GC/MS (Chemstation)

Hello is there in option in Chemstation to subract a full chromatogram (blank) of an sample? If I overlay two chromatograms (file -> subtract background), I get a new one, but I'm not sure which one was subtracted from which because I don't know the algorithm.

Thanks for your help :)

  • In MSD Chemstation Data Analysis, the BSB subtract is just removes the spectra in the currently loaded data file. It does not subtract the 1 chromatogram from another. If you want to do that. load data file you want to subtract, then turn stack on. On command line use the commands in bold.

    exchange r0,x

    Load next data file. then

    exchange r0,y

    subtract suppress

    dr 2,x

  • Thanks for your answer again Slight smile

    Can I ask you at this point, if you are familiar with ProteoWizard? I want to transform my data generated by Chemstation to an mzXML but it doesn`t work.

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