Macro programming guide for Mass Hunter

I want to establish a dde connection through mass hunter software, For this purpose I write a macro: please see attached file.

Unfortunately I got this result: no DDE data returned.

In DDE connection, seems something prevent data acquisition from performing DDE connection.

It will be helpful if somebody can provide me a simple example (for data acquisition software) which use DDE capability of that software.

In addition I have a client and a server in labview and excel. Data analysis software can get connection by both of them (excel and labview) in client mode and server mode and work perfectly.
But mass hunter data acquisition cannot create any dde connection even by excel or labview or data analysis.

I create a rule in windows firewall and put that software (mass hunter data acquisition) in trust mode.
It seems something prevent data acquisition software from create a dde connection.

Maybe this is irrelevant, but I the attached message when I opened mass hunter software.


  • Serge instctl2.mac and atune.mac has the ddeinitiate command in them for an example. Make a back up copy of these macros and open the back up copy in notepad. These are located in c:\gcms\msexe folder.

  • Dear Ron,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Kindly check the attached video.

    In this video I show you a same macro and both software (MSD data acquisition and data analysis) behaviour with that.

    I want to write a simple text in excel.

    You can see data analysis software do its job perfectly but msd data analysis can't do it.

    Would you please advise.


  • What version of MassHunter Acquisition and what version of MSD Chemstation Data Analysis?

  • Dear Ron,

    Kindly find below the SW revisions:

    MassHaunter acquistion: B.07.04.2260

    MSD Chemstation Data Analysis: F.01.00.1903

    Thank you for your efforts.


  • We would recommend you contact your local Agilent Phone support center for further help on this. I have never used DDE command in instrument control, only data analysis.

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