Have installed MSD ChemStation Data Analysis on a new Windows 10 PC and the version seems different on the old PC. Why?

The computer that has the MSD ChemStation Data Analysis software on  it needs to be updated to a new PC with Windows 10.  The old PC was Windows 7 and was updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 about two years ago and the MSD ChemStation Data Analysis software seemed to work fine when just updating the OS.  

We have a new PC with Windows 10 on it and have installed the MSD ChemStation Data Analysis software (Version F.01.01  March 2014) and the software did install, but it is showing a different interface than the software on the Old PC.  Both PCs show the exact same version numbers when you start up the Data Analysis software on their respective PCs.  The Data Analysis software installed on the New PC when opened show a title that reads "(RTEINT) Standalone Data Analysis - Try09022021.M" and the title of the same version software on the Old PC reads "Environmental Data Analysis - VOC081722021.M  (MS Data: Not Quantitated)".  The software menus on both of these installs are also quite different.

I have no idea what other modules, apps, tools, methods, etc...  needs to be installed to make these two match up.  The lab technician that uses this PC and it's connected equipment (Agilent 7890B GC (B.0202) & Agilent 5977 MSD) has no idea what software is needed for what.  She only knows how to make her runs and manipulate the data.  

Any help would be an incredibly useful at this point!   I have been trying to get this to work for almost a week with no success.

  • If you have Version F MSD Chemstation, the instrument control is done via MassHunter.  It sounds like you installed MSD Chemstation without installing MassHunter first, which puts the data analysis in a standalone mode.  I think during install in this mode, you select which quantitation mode and it only configures that one (Enhanced, Drugs, Environmental, Aromatics).

    If you install MassHunter first and then MSD Chemstation, there will be a Config application to configure your system.  In that process, you would select which quantitation mode you are going to use.  According to our internal specification chart, it appears that B.07.01 was the MassHunter version that shipped with MSD Chemstation F.01.01.  Please note that this version was not supported on Windows 10 - the first MassHunter version for that was B.07.05.

    I think one of our call center representatives may be able to help sort this out.  They may suggest upgrading to the latest version of MassHunter as it will be supported on Windows 10.

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