Contour Plot for Mass Spec data?

Is it possible to get a 3D contour plot of mass spec data in MassHunter? Time on the x-axis, m/z on the y-axis and intensity shown by colour gradient.

I'm using B.07 and can't seem to find the option but I'm sure I remember it on older versions.

  • Hi

    Check page# 23 to 25 in above file..

  • Thanks for the quick reply but I think that is for an older version of MassHunter. I can't see that option anywhere in version B.07

  • U have to right click on any of chromatogram and select show contour plot then after you can do it...

  • Hello ,

    Current releases of MassHunter Qual do not have that feature built in. You can obtain 3D plots using the open source utilities and procedures outlined in this Community post.

    (15) How to extract raw data from GCMS Masshunter - Forum - Mass Spectrometry Software - Agilent Community

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