How to use the average of standards peak area in calculation for samples?

I use OpenLAB CDS 2.3

There are 3 compounds in my standards and the same compounds in samples / injection.

I need to calculate the average of the each compound peak in standards and use it to each compound in the samples.

Calculation: (sample peak area * concentration1) / (STD average area * concentration2)

When I try to use the variable name in summary calculation of standars, but I end up getting the average of all the three peaks in the STD for my next table.

E.e. comp1 STD area average = 1200 (6 injections)

comp2 STD area average = 1800 (6 injections)

comp3 STD area average = 2400 (6 injections)

When I make a variable STDAv I get the result as 1800 as in average of 18 STD injections.

The question is: How can I filter the average peak area per compound in calculations?

  • Hi

    Check from page# 125 to 146 in above pdf..

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