MassHunter reports, grouping omitting some compounds


I am running a method that quantifies several analytes in a sample, though a couple of them are categorized in groups. The grouping displays the sum of the individual analytes of that group.

I am trying to create a report that will display the groups, but not show the individual analytes.

For example: say I have analytes A, B, C, ..., M.
Analytes C and D are in "Group 1". Analytes G, H, I, J are in "Group 2"
I want the report to show something like this:

Analyte A
Analyte B
Group 1
Analyte E
Analyte F
Group 2
Analyte K
Analyte L
Analyte M

Is there a way to customize my report to achieve this task?


Thank you,

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