MassHunter reports, grouping omitting some compounds


I am running a method that quantifies several analytes in a sample, though a couple of them are categorized in groups. The grouping displays the sum of the individual analytes of that group.

I am trying to create a report that will display the groups, but not show the individual analytes.

For example: say I have analytes A, B, C, ..., M.
Analytes C and D are in "Group 1". Analytes G, H, I, J are in "Group 2"
I want the report to show something like this:

Analyte A
Analyte B
Group 1
Analyte E
Analyte F
Group 2
Analyte K
Analyte L
Analyte M

Is there a way to customize my report to achieve this task?


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  • By the way: this is on MassHunter Workstation Quantitative Analysis for QQQ, Version 10.1

  • Hi ,

    So just to clarify a few things, what revision of Quant are you using? And from the tags it looks like you are trying to use a Report Builder template, correct?

    When you say you are using groups, are you utilizing compound groups and compound math to create aggregate compounds for Group 1 and 2? 

  • I am using Quant v. 10.01, Build 10.1.733.0
    Yes, I am trying to use a Report Builder template. I am utilizing the compound groups and compound math to create aggregate compounds.

    Actually, I used an attachment that you replied to in another post:

  • Thanks for the attachment, I will review it.

  • ,

    I have found at least one way to do this. In my limited testing it appears to work. It is not very elegant, but it is simple to implement. Or at least for my data and report it was.

    What you can do is utilize the User Defined and User Defined 1 fields.

    Go into the method editor and put an entry in the User Defined column for every compound that you do NOT want reported.

    Then in the User Defined 1 column make an entry that will sort alphabetically in the order you want the compounds to appear in. Since I had less than 26 I just used a,b,c.

    You can add these columns in the main Compound setup window and it will look something like this.

    Now in the bindings for your report where you filter for the target compounds, add a filter for <UserDefined> is NULL. 

    Then change the sorting to be done by UserDefined1. It should look something like this.

    In my modified template it resulted in this output. 

  • Hi Howard,

    Thank you for taking the time to give such an extensive answer. It looks like a pretty good workaround, I will try implementing this into my reports.

    Thanks so much!


  • Hi Howard, Can you do this for the compound graphics on the same report are well? 

  • Hello ,

    Yes, the same filters and sorting should work on the bindings for the compound graphics list.

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