masshunter 10.2 Environmental quant error-Index error

Hi please help! I have a processed batch could not be re-processed. It gave a message "index was out of range" 

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    One possible cause of this error is a corrupted or missing Reference Library or Library method. If you are using these, try going to the Globals section of your method and either temporarily remove them or verify that they are still available in the same location.

    Let us know what you find. 

  • Thanks, howard_sanford,

    Yes, I am using 3 libraries for unknow. and save as a unified method. and use the method to quantitate the batch. It is all okay  when I select 2 or 1 library. But the error only happened 3 or more libraries were selected. Anyway to fix the issue?


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    I was able to duplicate on my system. I am investigating now. 

    The only workaround I have at the moment would be to combine your user libraries, but I realize this may not be possible and could change the searching depending on your other library settings.

    I will update this once I have more information. 

  • I have tried emerged the reference library with user library.. and evaluated the false positive/negative rate base on different library setting. 3 libraries is very important for our method to minimize false positive/negative rate. Please let me know when you find solution.

    Thanks ahead

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