Report Builder "Expected Concentration" showing up on Not-known sample reports


I am modifying the "GenSamples_ISTD.template" that came with the Report Builder software to create our custom LCMS sample reports, and am trying to figure out how to get the Expected Concentration field to not display on sample reports that don't have an expected concentration (for example, samples or blanks). Right now, the 'Content' settings for the Expected Concentration is set to "FeildCaption" and "FeildValue," respectively, for the "TargetCompound" and it is displaying on all of the sample reports, with the value cell just being a blank cell for any injections that don't have an expected concentration. It would be more ideal to just have that field not display on the report if the quantitation method doesn't specify an expected concentration for a particular sample type, though not sure how to get Report Builder to do this.

Any help would be appreciated!



  • Hi Yuliya,

    I do not know of a way to programmatically "hide" a column in a table.  By hide I mean not display any data AND adjust the other table columns so that they shift and resize due to the "hidden" one.  Now if all you want to do is make the caption "blank", like the values are now, and without the above shifting and resizing you can do that with an expression in Python.  Without your template it is impossible to show you the exact statement but it would generally be a fairly simple IF statement.

    The other way to attack this would be to create two lists around two tables.  List 1 would have it's Data Binding check for Sample Type = Samples or Blanks and the table inside that list would lack the Expected Concentration text fields while list 2, directly below list 1, would have it's Data Binding check for Sample Type not = Samples or Blanks and the table inside that list would contain the Expected Concentration text fields.  For any given sample only one list would retrieve rows and they would then appear in the correct table format.

  • Thank you for your response! I will try these things.

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