MassHunter Data Acauisition "Default Stream not configured"" error

The Instrument Configuration recognizes both an Agilent Qtof and a 35900E A/D box (and the respective IP addresses can be pinged successfully). However, when I start MassHunter Data Acquisition I get the following:
Message: Default stream not configured.
Stack Trace: at Agilent.MassSpectrometry.LCMSAcquisition.AgtVoyInstrConfig.AgtVoyInstrConfigRW.get_DefaultStreamId()
at Agilent.MassSpectrometry.LCMSAcquisition.AgtVoyWorklistPane.WorklistPaneControl.StreamIDHelper.GetCurrentStreamID()
Any suggestions of how to fix this? I suspect that it is related to the previous instrument configuration, which was the 6530 with a 1260 (and no 35900E) , but I cannot find any traces of that configuration anywhere, in fact I moved all the old XML and other files out of the Default folder, but the problem persists.

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