Profinder installation problem and others


I just want to install Profinder upon downloading the software from Agilent, ending with getting an error message shown below. Is there anyone who has encountered a similar problem?

Also, I am curious about how usually molecular features are extracted (i.e., peak picking process). We have been using a method generated using Qualitative Analysis program followed by batch processing using DA Reprocessor. 

The resultant files (cef) are provided for Mass Profiler Professional to proceed to further study but we have been having a hard time due to many false positives. We believe that such an issue could be caused by ineffective peak picking processes, leading me to try to use Profinder for hopefully a better picking process. If you have and share any other suggestions to address this issue, that will be very much appreciated.

Thank you and stay safe!

Best regards,

Joonseok Oh


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