Vial Position not displayed in Masshunter PDF Report Builder

Using MassHunter PDF Report Builder 10.2.

I was working on a custom report template, and now the vial position does not display for ANY pdf report template including the pre-packaged templates. What may have happened?

One a side note, may I request a more user friendly interface for future versions? Or at minimum, some documentation explaining data bindings, etc. seems necessary for those of us who are not computer programmers.


  • Hello @sassman,

    Depending on the type of autosampler and sample holder used for an analysis you may need to reference SamplePosition instead of Vial. It can also be found in the Sample data table. You can check in your batch table to see which column has an entry. In the batch table the SamplePosition is shown in the column labeled Pos.

    Thanks for your comments on usability. I will forward these to the product support team. Report Builder is still a fairly new MassHunter product and there is ongoing work to improve the user friendliness and customer documentation, so this kind of feedback is useful to help highlight where work should be focused. 

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