MS Spectrum Results only showing as "Profile"

I am using Mass Hunter for LC QQQ.

When I am analyzing a data file in the qualitative application, I see my TIC. When I extract MS spectrum for a particular signal in my TIC the spectrum is displaying in the MS Spectrum Results window as another (broad) peak...I believe this is considered "Profile" view of the spectrum????


When I was researching how to get a standard view of the Mass spectrum with the "lines/sticks" at each m/z (assuming this is centroid view) I have gone to method editor, I have centroid as the preferred display with profile set as secondary but even then I tried to "convert profile to centroid and replace" but I get an error message that says this cannot be completed because the data file only collected profile data. I dont know how I even got it to collect as "profile" only (this was someone else's method, BTW)


When I go one step further I have right clicked on the extracted scan in the data file panel and clicked  the option to view as brings up a mess.  Essentially a hundred "line/sticks" at the m/z show up but they are all clustered close because the m/z is essentially the same.



I attached images! 


Any help would be appreciated so I prevent this going forward
  • What version of MassHunter Qual are you using, so I can test this too?


    If you want to modify the acquisition method to only collect centroid data, you can do this in the Method Editor under the QQQ -> Acquisition -> Scan parameters as indicated in the picture.

  • Hi! Thank you for the reply!


    I am using MassHunter version B.08.00 SP 1 build 8.0.8208.38
    For background, I am new to the lab that is using these pre-established methods (from an analyst that is no longer with the Org) and I can see old data was collected using said methods where a traditional MS Spectrum can be analyzed....but when I open the methods to edit like you suggested, "profile" is selected not Centroid.........
    Granted anyone could have messed this up along the way, but everyone is saying this is new to their eyes as I guess I am wondering if something else can cause this to happen rather than a method QQQ acquisition setting?? I mean it doesnt make sense that it would but who knows!
    I also edited the method, saved as new and am running a sample with it to see what is produced in the MS Spectrum Review. TBC....
  • jkova-


    It looks like you have a very broad peak in your MS spectra.  This is leading to the unusual results.


    Typical MS spectral peaks are less than 1 m/z wide. You might check and make sure your tune is good and the HPLC and MS are clean.


    Your spectra-


    Typical MS spectra


  • Update- change the method to collect centroid and NOT profile did not help me in the Qual analysis....i got  something similar to the my second image below

  • Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment the checktune had a few things not pass while the AutoTune failed completely. 

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