Opening DAD-only data files in Qual 10.0



We are running MH Acquisition 9.0 on a 6545 QTOF system with 1260 Inifinity II DAD. Some users only need DAD data, so we have set the QTOF method with LC to "Waste" and Data Storage to "None" during the runs.

When trying to open these data in Qual 10.0, it pops up an error that the file contains no data, and the file can't be opened to proceed with viewing or extracting the UV chromatograms.


We found a workaround where we can open the .D folder for each sample and remove the QTOF from AcqData\Devices.xml (e.g. by copying a Devices.xml file from samples that were run when the QTOF was completely removed from the system configuration).


Since this would have to be manually done on every data file, we were wondering if there is some other way to get Qual to recognize that there is DAD data present, even though we have a QTOF in the configuration that is not storing any data?




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