Opening DAD-only data files in Qual 10.0



We are running MH Acquisition 9.0 on a 6545 QTOF system with 1260 Inifinity II DAD. Some users only need DAD data, so we have set the QTOF method with LC to "Waste" and Data Storage to "None" during the runs.

When trying to open these data in Qual 10.0, it pops up an error that the file contains no data, and the file can't be opened to proceed with viewing or extracting the UV chromatograms.


We found a workaround where we can open the .D folder for each sample and remove the QTOF from AcqData\Devices.xml (e.g. by copying a Devices.xml file from samples that were run when the QTOF was completely removed from the system configuration).


Since this would have to be manually done on every data file, we were wondering if there is some other way to get Qual to recognize that there is DAD data present, even though we have a QTOF in the configuration that is not storing any data?




  • Hi Stacey,

    I wonder if there is a Windows utility that would allow you to copy the Devices.xml file, that has the QTOF removed from the configuration to all the directories where you need to replace the existing Devices.xml file. 

    I did come across some approaches that use batch files to do this but I am not sure how comfortable you are working in that enivronment.


    There is an article here that might help. The PowerShell option at the bottom looks the simplest if it works

    How to copy one file to a folder and all its subfolders in Windows 7? - Super User 



  • Hello ,

    I apologize for the extremely delayed response. We are reviewing unanswered community posts and found this post without a suggested answer.

    What you are observing in data analysis with TOF/QTOF acq and LC only data files is the expected, though perhaps not the desired, behavior. Quant will also not be able to access the LC only data files, though it behaves a little differently. Quant will let you add the data file to the batch, but you will not be able to extract any signals.

    Other than your workaround of editing the Devices.xml file, or automating the process using 's suggestion, another solution is to set up a TOF/QTOF time segment that is only 0.1 minutes long and save the data. Then make another time segment for the rest of the run that saves no MS data. The LC stream can be left to waste for both time segments. Once there is at least a few MS spectrum in the data file, qual or quant will open the file without error, and you can then extract all non-MS chromatograms to access the LC data.

    The TOF/QTOF method settings would look like this

  • Hi Kevin and Howard,

    Thanks to both of you for your very helpful responses and clever workarounds!

    The short time segment of data collection makes a lot of sense to eliminate the issue. I will definitely forward that to our instrument users to implement for these scenarios.

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