How can I import a table and sum it up in Agilent Report Builder

I am using Unknown Analysis to screen a oil sample. I do not have standard compound for calibration of course, I want to sum certain group of compounds. I try to use the sample to create method in Quantitative Analysis, I am able to assign compound group for them. I understand in Quantitative Analysis would be able to sum if using compound Maths, however that is not an option for me as I am unable to build calibration curve.


After screening from the library in Unknown Analysis, there will be list of compound that match the Unknown Analysis parameter and I was try to sum pyrazine group. I import Quantitative Analysis method into Unknown Analysis, the column show their compound group, but I do not know how to sum them.


I then switch to Report builder,  where I think I could build up a report for our customer. I am able to use python to do simple calculation e.g. BoundItems ?? - BoundItems?? or "x" if BoundItems?? == "x" ...etc, however, while the table exceute, it run through the data binding and finish for a row, and then run again until finish scanning the peak, and finally the whole table display on the report.


If I have to sum a group, it will need to have a "list" for the function sum(list), and the "list" would be the whole table. 


How can I define the table and import into the next table as a list using python? I have attached  a word document and hopefully my question is clear enough.


Thank you in advance!

  • Hello ,

    I apologize for the extremely delayed response. We are currently reviewing community posts and I found yours had no response to it. 

    I'm not certain I am entirely following what you want to do, but there is a more recent post where I give an example of how math operations can be performed on a column of results in Report Builder.

    (+) Add statistics (mean, stdev) for a column in MassHunter Report Builder - Forum - Software - Agilent Community

    Let me know if this is helpful, or if you still need help, just let us know and we would be happy to continue working with you.

  • Hi Howard,

        Thanks for the respond. I was trying to make the report template to sum up all pyrazine together. This feature could do it in Quant analysis but not in unknown analysis and I was trying to see if its possible to do it in report template. As Our analysis is unknown analysis, the idea is to use unknown analysis to screen what compound in the oil and sum all the pyrazine class and report it. We also need to give sum of alcohol class, pyridine class....

        We cannot do Quant analysis, we do not have the standard.

    I managed to understand a little bit of python language, to sum pyrazine, it needs to import a list. However, the data binding seems works in a row individually and won't store it, which means after running the whole data binding, the task finished, the result will line up and present to us as a table, but won't store as a list, then it couldn't sum up a group of compound. 

        I have email Agilent, confirmed that this feature cannot happen in unknown analysis, and I am not a python expert. In the end, I export them in excel and use excel formula to sum different group of compound.



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