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Hi! I'm new here and I start to work with MassHunter Agilent. My question is: there is a setting in the method to subtract the blank area from samples and standard in the calibration curve? Take in mind that I have different blank area for different analytes, and this change each measurement, so it is not possible to fix it the same amount.

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    I am guessing this is MassHunter Quantitative Analysis, is that correct? What revision of MassHunter are you using?

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  • Since questions about blank subtraction options in MassHunter are fairly common, I will consolidate answers from other discussions here.

    Quant does not offer a way to subtract peak areas or provide a 'corrected' peak area or height.

    One option that may work in some cases is to use the blank offset option for the calibration curve origin setting. This uses the response found in the blanks to recalculate the calibration curve. This will change the calculated concentration for samples and standards.

    Another common method is to use the Quantitate with Blank Subtraction Add-in. The blank subtraction add-in subtracts the average of the final concentration amounts of the blanks in the batch from the samples.

    You can activate this by going to the Tools->Add-ins menu item and enabling the Add-in.

    Then in batch view go to the Add-Ins tab and run the Add-In. It will put the results in the Custom Calc. field for samples.

    If the add-in is not present you will need to add it to quant by going to the Windows Control Panel->Programs and Features. Select the entry for Quantitative Analysis and choose Change. Click on the Change button in Maintenance. On the next screen enable the Bank Subtraction Add-in and any others you want to add. Click through with Next and then click Modify to update your installation. When you start Quant again you should now have any Add-ins you selected available for use.

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