RecoverEase protocol version D questions

Hi Tech support team, We have received some questions regarding the new protocol of RecoverEase. Could you please tell us the answer?

In P5,step 25, “Immediately spin the conical tube containing the dialysis tube for 5–6 seconds at 500–1000 × g. Do not spin longer than 6 seconds as this may cause the membrane to rupture”.

Q1, Should we count 5-6 second when the centrifuge reach the appropriate speed which is 500-1000 x g, not from starting the spinning? I think usually it should be counted after reaching the desired speed, but I would like to confirm.

Q2, How immediately should we start spinning after dialysis? What could be the negative impact if we don’t spin the tube immediately after dialysis?


Thank you for your support in advance.

Best regards,

Sayano Kinjo

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