High vacuum not ready 6330 Ion trap

Hi there,

We have an old 6330 Ion trap which is repeatedly given us the same error message: High vacuum not ready.

The system is automatically turned to Shutdown from Standy (this never happens when it is in Operate mode). The vacuum is, however, ready: fore and high pressures values are within the standard values, namely, 3.8E+00 and 1.2E-05, respectively. We can turn the system to Standby and Operate modes and it works perfectly but then, the next day or in a couple of days (randomly), we have the same error again. I guess it is related to the malfunction of the turbopump, although we are not experiencing any 'practical shortcoming' for it. I am unable to find this error in the manual (User's guide). I would like to know if someone knows why we are getting that message. I am afraid it may be something which at some point can cause a failure in the system?

Any advice regarding what we should do/check will be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance for your time and best regards,


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