6530 QTOF turbo 1 failure


We had a turbo 1 vacuum failure recently. And I wanted to know if we had any signs before this happened. 


Here is the Tuning report a week before the turbo 1 failure (Also attached the full tune report)

I am wondering if the Turbo 1 power and Turbo 2 power value difference matter. 


Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Yamame,

    All of those values look quite normal. Turbo 1 typically has a higher power value as it has more work to do. Your values are typical of your instrument.

    Your Rough Vacuum may be a little too good! This could indicate a partial blockage of the capillary. This would affect sensitivity but not a predictor of your turbo failure.


    Sometimes turbo pumps become more noisy (whining sound) as they wear.


    Keep an eye on turbo power values and know what is typical for your instrument when it is happy. That way you will be aware if you see something unusual.

  • Thank you ross.


    I appreciate your comment. I did not notice any difference in the sounds. The instrument was on standby but the pump suddenly failed.



    I will keep in mind about the sound!


    Thank you very much.

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