Converting G1379A degassers to "Constant On" mode for better low UV analysis

The G1379A degasser cycles between ON and OFF stages for degassing (as does the G1322A degasser, but the G1322A has a much higher volume which helps mitigate these effects). The G1379B degasser ramps the vacuum pump when needed but is always running at least 20% power.


The G1379A degasser can be converted to "Constant On" mode so the vacuum pump runs 100% of the time, but may decrease vacuum pump lifetime and is only advised if baseline fluctuations are seen that coincide with degasser On-Off cycles.  This is accomplished by switching the DIP switch 1 inside the degasser to the ON position (UP when it is normally both switches are DOWN).


This change and vacuum pumps/degassers may not be covered by your Agilent hardware service contract depending on what analysis conditions warranted the change to "Constant On" mode.

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