Cirrus GPC Short Tutorial

Quick guide to running calibration and samples in Cirrus GPC add-on for Chemstation.  This was created by myself for a customer and has been uploaded in Word format for future editing if desired.


This is also not the only way to analyze samples in Cirrus, just a quick guide to calibration and then getting the Mp and Mw and Mn for samples.

  • hi howwhite

    In a few days, I will go to install a 1260 Infinity II MDS with the G7850A GPC&SEC Software. The instrument was configured with G7800A RI G7801A, viscometer G7802A and G7803A LS.


    That would be very helpful if you have a tutorial.


    And thank a lot firstly.

  • Hello Silvia,


    I can help you with this, but first need to know what software package you are using. Is it Agilent GPC/SEC Software or Cirrus Multi detector software?


    Does your system contain a Light Scattering detector as well as RID and Viscometer?



    Howard [personal information removed by moderator]

  • Hello,


    Sorry I do not, I am only trained in single RID or UV detection for Cirrus. It is an older software and we now have other GPC/SEC software platforms that are much easier to use and more productive.


    Thank you,


    Ryan [personal information removed by moderator]

  • hi,



    Do you have a tutorial to properly program the triple detection? 
    in GPC/SEC MSD DUAL Mod 7800A, multidetector G7800A RI G7801A, viscometer G7802A. that would be very helpful to really take advantage of the equipment
    Thank you


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