Valves for Normal Phase Solvents 1100,1200,1260,1290

Current valves used with 1260 and 1290 Infinity pumps do not work well with applications using non-polar solvents as for

normal phase applications (e.g. hexane and heptane) or carbon dioxide in SFC. With such applications pressure drops could

be observed. They are a result of particles electrostatically charging up in insulating solvents and sticking to ***** inside valves

such that they do not close properly any more after some time of use (can be hours).


Agilent now introduces a new second type of valves which have a design based on the existing one for 1260/1290 Infinity

valves. They use a new material for valve ***** which is a conductive ceramic and replaces non-conductive ruby *****. New

***** do not charge up electrostatically and show good performance in normal-phase and SFC applications.

Valves are marked with N for non-polar or normal phase see image 1200InfinityValvesTypeN.png

We recommend using these valves for and only for for normal phase applications and SFC. Normal phase *****/valves

corrode quickly in acids (at or below pH 7) and shall not be used in aqueous solutions. Choose the appropriate part number for

1260 vs. 1290 and inlet vs. outlet valves. Please note that the SFC inlet valve has a Swagelock port and a different part

number than 1260 Infinity valves.


No design change has been done for active inlet valves which have already been used successfully in the past for normal

phase applications in 1200 Series and 1260 Infinity binary pumps.

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