How to Configure Injection Volumes on a 1290 ALS (G4226A) Autosampler

The G4226A ALS autosampler can be configured in multiple ways for large volume injections. The standard configuration of the Agilent 1290 Infinity Autosampler includes a variable volume sample loop for up to 20ul injections. The metering device can inject a maximum volume of 40ul and the sample loop cartridge can be exchanged to allow this. To increase the injection volume still further, the G4214A 100uL Injection Kit, includes 100uL Flex Loop Kit (5067-4710) and analytical head (G1367-60003). However, the maximum pressure of the system is reduced to 600 bar.


We recently had a question from someone who wanted to transfer a radiochemical detection assay onto his 1290 and the sensitivity of the detector required much higher injection volumes (preferably >250ul).


Would it be possible to install multi-draw kits and configure them within OL ChemStation? Yes


With the 100ul metering device it is possible to install either the 400, 1400 and 5000ul seat capillaries and configure them (the 80ul seat capillary is not supported with the 100ul metering device). This is possible with OL ChemStation C.01.03 or higher together with firmware A.06.36 [008] or higher.




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