I need firmware A.01.04 for G1313A.

do you have it?

  • Why are you looking for such ancient firmware? That version came out around 1996, so 23(!) years ago. Our firmware usually is backwards compatible, so you can use a much newer, improved revision. Just make sure you update the entire LC stack in one go. Mixing of firmware from different firmware sets is not supported.


    I don't see why one would want to use old firmware, containing bugs, which have been fixed already.

  • Hi sir.

    About a previous device issue (CAN port) I've updated G1313a firmware to latest version A.07.02 But it didn't work and
    Device error not resolved. on the Firmware's IC on the main bored write A.01.04 so I was going to upload that firmware.
    but Device error not about firmware.
    So now I think find problem. I tested main bored and CAN port's DATA and there is some wrongs.
    I'm testing CAN bus Driver IC. I think it's broken.
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