Extract Data Points from GPC/SEC Chromatograms

Hello, I would like to ask how I can extract the data points of the obtained chromatograms from my GPC/SEC analysis in order to use them in Origin application. I think it is possible from data processing panel by right clicking in the chromatograms area, but when I do so, the option of extracting the chromatogram is not enabled. 

  • Hello, 

    Please advise, what Software are you working with? Is it Agilent GPC/SEC, or perhaps Cirrus ? It should be possible to access the slice data which will give you the individual data points. 


  • Nikosmpik, 

    Try these steps - after you have completed the analysis, click on the sample in the list to hilight it, then use the Samples menu dropdown >Export Current Sample.

    Next confirm the file name, and the format you wish to export the data to, Excel, for instance.  You will be prompted to open the newly exported file in Excel. At the bottom of the page you will find several tabs, one of them is Slice Table. here you will find Raw Data and the Slice table.  

    Hope this helps, 


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