all module offline on chemstation except the module with internal lan card

The system is a 1260, the detector is G4212B (FWB07.27) with internal lan card, that is the only module that is visible to the chemstation (B04.03) and a pilot controller as well, all the other modules are offline on chemstation that include G5667A sampler, G5611A pump, and G1316C column) with their firmware also invisible (FW A07.02 A07.01 and A07.02 correspondingly). With a controller, all the firmwares are visible, but some modules are still offline and cannot be controlled. It seems a communication problem as the module can achieve startup on its own. Those Firmware were just updated through firmware updating tool. The detector module is set to use default IP address, the setting on other module were all over the place but setting them all to use default didn't seem to solve the communication issue. Any idea what it going on here? Hope someone can help out. Thank you.

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