1260 Quant Pump - MCGV issue?

Dear Community

I have observed an ongoing issue with our 1260 Quant Pump.

Short info on 1260 Quant Pump:

  • New MCGV-unit one month old.
  • New seal heads in pump in february. 

Issue: Over an analysis sequence of +20 hours, we observe an issue with pump pressure baseline of method. No observed airbubbles in the system.

Solvent A:  Water + formic acid, Solvent B: Acetonitrile: C and D cleaning solvents for column and system used after analysis (flow flowrate).

Red line: After 24+ of operation. Any idea, when the MCGV is relativly new? Purging and break resolves the issue, until +20 in a new sequence.

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