Why is "controller stop automation request" terminating my runs?

Right when the run is starting, the worklist stops and the message comes up "G7167A:DEACI00598 - Controller stop automation request, G1316A:DEAES40596 - Controller stop automation request". The corresponding devices do not show the red error light, but the yellow not ready light. This is for an Agilent 1260 Infinity II system.

  • I'm guessing this is running on MassHunter since a worklist was mentioned? What version?

    What version of firmware are on the LC modules?

    What does the logbook in Lab Advisor show?

    Make sure the firmware is all the same.


    In the past a forced cold start to all connected modules helped.  

    And what module is it pointing to?  Look at the errors in Lab Advisor as well.  I have another example where the error pointed to the DAD and it was a bad DAD heater at the cooling fan.

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