Chemstation for HPLC1290

Dear colleagues,
Our customers have HPLC 1290 system: G4212A 1290DAD, G1316C 1290TCC, G4226A 1290Sampler, G4220A 1290 BinPump. The device was purchased in 2010-2011. Until now, users have worked with the ChemStation Revision B.04.03 program (16). Please advise whether customers need to upgrade software version (C) or upgrade via free firmwares? Please advise the version and explain what is the benefit?
Thank you!

  • With regards to firmware: With Agilent, there is always a minimum version of FW, but never a maximum, so "the higher, the better", as newer FW will have improvements, bug fixes etc. Please update the FW on the entire stack.

    The customer can continue using his Chemstation B.04.03, but it's fully obsolete. Even if the customer decides to stay with his old Chemstation, I would update the FW. Of course, the customer could update the software as well (e.g. to latest OpenLab 2.x) and he would have new features and full support, but in the end the customer needs to decide whether he wants to spend that money. The hardware itself will be in support for at least ~five more years or so.

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