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I would like to know if I can use already used columns for validation of methods? I have columns that have already been used for execution of many different methods and I dont know, if they are appropriate for validation of new method. I would like to know if there are any guidelines for useing new, unused or already used columns for validation of methods.

I do have some new columns and I would like to know, if I have to check, if new columns are ok?

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  • Hi

    I think validation depends on performance of column based on your method..

    It needs to check so many parameters for accurate result.

    I attached one ppt, you can go through it..

  • Hi.

    While performing validation of method, do you think I need to check three columns with diffrent LOT on the same HPLC sistem with the same mobile faze? Or can I check three diffrent columns as part of repeatabiity between laboratories and repeatability within the laboratory?

    The result is one part of performance of testing robustness. Right?

  • Hi

    Result is part of performance for accuracy of testing of robustness..

  • And results teating amongst laboratories are called Round Robin test to evaluate the performance of accuracy of labs with same method..

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