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My problem: VHP valve. From the tube from port 4 leaked very very slowly, one drop every few minutes. I cleaned the rotor and stator, screwed the valve head on - evenly, slowly to the first resistance until the head rested on the valve base - exactly as described in the manual. When I started it for the first time, I heard "wrrrr...." and an error popped up. I unscrewed the screws 1/2 turn, the valve works, but the leak remains.

I would ask for practical comments if there were any problems described above after replacing the rotor seal.


  • Hi!, 
    First of all, if you remove the rotor seal you need to replace it by a new one (like every seal)
    If screws of the stator are over fitted then the motor inside (motor move from bypass to mainpass) stucks and pop up an error message. 

    Hope this helps you. 

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  • The most important problem for me is that despite the fact that I tightened the head according to the instructions, I can hear these disturbing sounds. The manual does not say "tighten all to base of valve and go back e.g. 1/2 turn, but "tighten slowly until the head touches the valve base". Perhaps after purchasing a new rotor seal, the phenomenon will remain and really reason  is increased (for some reason) resistance when turning the valve axis - motor can't twist.

  • Hey Greg, to the first point about the leak from the tubing from the waste tubing in port 4. This is not a leak. This is the metering device homing before the next injection takes place. This pushed liquid goes out of port 4 which should be attached to the wash plane. I put a picture here of how port 4 fits onto the valve and wash port (ignore ports 1 and 6 uninstalled haha). To the second point, about reinstalling the rotor seal and the stator. Please install these by tightening each screw little by little. If you tighten the screws one by one this will cause problems. Also, as you mention, do not overtighten the screws.

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