Im trying to run a new methodology to analyz a protein sample, to do  this I need the DAD detector, however, once the sample in injected any signal panel, this problem also occurs with the FLD detector, for this, the autosampler configuration is done, but detector show signal in this chart, but with an “off” sign. Then, how can I solve this problem, how can I get signal from my detector once I injected my sample? 

  • I am not sure if this is it but I did notice that you have a setting of infinity in the run time in the top image. I am not sure how you are stopping the run as with the infinity setting it will keep acquiring data until you stop it accordingly. Try setting a final time so the run stops after that time. That way the data should be saved without your intervention


  • Hey Marcela, it seems that the method you have written is missing a wavelength for the DAD signal; therefore, it looks like you are capturing only FLD Signal A. You can right click on the DAD, then click on method. In this section, you can now check the boxes and choose the wavelengths for the DAD that you want to capture. I attached some pictures. It will look similar, but not identical. Then save the method once you have edited it.

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