Agilent 1100 G1316A column compartment leaks when thermostatted at 10C

I have an old Agilent 1100 G1316A column compartment, and I’m trying to run an LC method with column temp at 10C.  Unfortunately, due to poor environmental controls in the lab (it’s always hot) the LC errors out due to condensation leaking into one of the other LC components.  I have made sure the condensate waste lines are properly plumbed, and have added absorbent towels, but the LC still errors due to leaks.  Is there some other type of absorbent insulation I can use for the column compartment?  Does Agilent sell a column compartment insulator?

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    Since you are setting the column compartment to 10C, if your lab is humid, you will have condensate and trigger the leak sensor in the TCC.  Not sure what version software you have but I do recall there was a way to disable the leak sensor in the TCC for such instances.  You may have to use lab advisor to so.

    The condensate lines you mentioned are probably the ones for the ALS thermostat.

  • Look at the Control settings for the G1316A.  You might see an option "Condensation mode", that disables the leak sensor in that module.


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  • As I stated to abasdeo, the 1100 I mentioned is connected to a competitor Chromatography Data System.  I do have an older gameboy controller that I can connect to the LC system.  Will the gameboy controller have the condensation mode?

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