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Hi, couldn't easily find an answer here or in instructions. Most basic scenario: you run 3 standards for a calibration curve and it looks great, SSTs, great. You run samples and more SSTs, everything's good. Now you're in data analysis hoping for some results and you have two of the same named method (?!?!) in the bottom left. One with the calibration curve and one linked to your samples. You can right click anywhere for suggestive options but "linking" doesn't do anything. You have nice pictures of chains on the standards and one duplicate processing method and you got chains by your samples and another processing method. What do you do?  Much thanks in advance!!

  • Hi

    It sounds like you are collecting data from standards in one sequence and samples in another, and in both cases you are selecting the same Data Processing method in the sequence table.  Is that right?

    The issue here is that, each sequence starts with the same "Master" processing method and, by running each set of standards and samples in separate sequences, you are creating two result sets, each with its own result set copy of that processing method.  Hover the mouse over the method names, and you will see that they are stored with the data in the Results folder for your project.  You have seen that each method is only linked to its own copy of the method (chains by the samples).

    There are a few things that you could do, but I'll suggest what I think is the simplest.

    Select the results in the result set for the samples and link them to the method from the result set so that they can be measured using the calibration curve from the standards.

    I would suggest that you update the master version of your processing method using the method associated with your standards, so that this now contains the calibration information.  You can then use this method to measure samples.  Better still, measure standards and samples in the same sequence, to avoid this complication.

    The key point to understand is the relationship between Master methods and result set methods.  This should be in  the Help and Learning.


  • Hi, thanks for explaining the result set method. However, I asked how to link my samples to the calibration curve I just ran. In your response you do not include this answer. I think you're implying users should re-run entire ssts and calibrations when they receive a new sample to make it on the same sequence. That takes about 2 hours, so I'd rather learn how to link. Help and learning says you can create a new sequence out of injections from different sequences? Honestly, to have a named specific processing method or the last calibration would be much better than whatever is going on. Today I ran a sequence and everything was fine. Then I ran some more samples and a bracket and instead of my last curve I get some old one. I've been updating and saving so what gives and how to I operate this processing system?

  • Hi

    You don't need to run the samples again.  Process the result set with the calibrations and sst, use Update Master Method to copy the calibration data from the result set containing the standards to the Master version of this processing method.  Open the result set with the samples in it, load the newly-updated master method and link this to the injections of the samples.


  • Hi Andy, I've been trying and trying everytime I need to add a sample mid-day and I cannot link any result set methods to any processing methods.  What you wrote above is what I want instructions for. 

    - How do you "update master method to copy the calibration data"?  In "processing" tab there is an "update master method" button but that does not change anything. 

    - Then please tell me how do I "link this to the injections of the samples"? I still do not have the calibration curve when I load my newly ran sample and again right clicking and linking is not changing anything that I can see.  I still have a new processing method (of the result set variety) for every sequence and cannot change anything (except when I create a new sequence but I think that's a time consuming work around I shouldn't have to do).

    Please send me instructions to if it cannot be simply stated where to go and what buttons to press.  If I don't find out how to do this via email, forums etc, I can try calling and going through it step by step with someone over there and I think that might be faster than 24 days and counting.



  • No instructions as of yet.  Since I'm waiting 25 days, let's recap: Question: How do you link result sets to a processing method?

    response 1: "Hover the mouse over the method names, and you will see that they are stored with the data"   ok?

    "Select the results...and link them"   ok, but how? This is the only question here.

    "update the master"  how? help and learning gives more detail but in my case it doesn't work, hence asking how to link.

    "measure standards and samples in the same sequence"    excuse me? how impractical? maybe for UPLC we can physically re-run                                                                                                              injections to work around software

    response 2: "Update Master Method"   ok, but how?

    "link this to the injections of the samples"  ok, but how?

    Much thanks, can't wait to get to the hard stuff! Next up, peak purity, also under-represented in H&L and this forum.

  • Ok PJ.  Step-by-step instructions with pictures since I probably can't just drop in to deliver a proper training course Slight smile

    Data from calibration injections in one result set neither have a processing method:

    Create a processing method for the standards

    Right click on the title of the result set containing the standards and Link to the new processing method.  You will be prompted to supply a name for this method.

    Method shows as linked to the Calibration Standards result set.

    Build the calibration from the standards.  

    At this point, we are working with the method stored within the current result set. 


    In order to use this method with samples that we plan to run later we need to copy the parameters used from this result set copy of the method to the Master version, stored in the methods folder of this project.

    You should see a window informing you of what is being done:

    Putting this method in the Processing method column of the sequence table will enable you to directly measure the samples using the calibration from the standards that you ran earlier.


    You can update the Master method as above, but all you need to do is select the processing method from the calibration result set and link it to the result set with the samples.

    Click on the name of the method, right click on the title of the "samples" result set and choose Link selected...

    The method with the calibration will be copied to the samples result set, all will be reprocessed and the results are calculated.

    Does that make more sense PJ?

    Kind regards


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