How to control G4204A with Chemstation rev. B.04.03?

Hi every one

I have a problem with instrument control of G4204A (1290 Infinity Quaternary pump). I have a Coulochrom III Dionex electrochemical detector and I want to install it on my HPLC. Unfortunately this detector has been discontinued and no support for updated driver so I have to installed it on Win XP and Chemstation Rev. B.04.03 but the problem is my pump (G4204A) /can not be controlled via Chemstation Rev. B.04.03. In the manual of G4204A it has mentioned this module can be controlled via Chemstation C.01.04 or above (picture)

Is there any possible way to control G4204A with Chemstation B.04.03? Does any one have any kind solution please?

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