Agilent 110 making clicking noises after replacing pistons.

Hi all, 

My lab has a agilent 1100 with a binary pump (g1312A). After disassembling the pump head, replacing the pistons, and reassembling the pump head the pump unit will not start correctly. Upon being powered on the LED cycles through red, green, and yellow and the unite makes a few rapid clicking noises. Then the light stays a solid yellow and the pump does is shown on chemstation as "offline." Does anyone know what to do or had a similar situation?

Let me know if there are any more details I can provide.

  • Hi

    For noise, may be piston and seal are not properly lubricated with mobile phase before installing.

    Check seal and piston again.

  • If you have lab advisor software then do system pressure test and pump leak test to know that it's okay if passed.

  • To my knowledge I do not have access to lab advisor software. 

  • I took apart the pump head again, as before, and made sure the pistons, seals, and valves were quite damp with acetonitrile (the mobile phase that goes through that pump). I then reassembled everything but still have the same problem. I have noticed however that the clicking seems to be coming from the pump head I did not work on. The pump head I changed was the one without the purge valve. The one the clicking seems to be coming from does have the purge valve. 

    Thank you for your response. 

  • Okay...Check frit of purge valve...Is it okay...

  • You can download it if you want...

    Through diagnostic of chemstation, you can do test of pump..

  • After all of this restart system and computer and purge it...

    I hope, it will work...

  • Above is pump test procedure...

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