ChemStation A.06.01 on Windows XP (?)


We have a 20+ year-old HP 1100 HPLC that is/was running ChemStation A.06.01 on an old PC running Windows 98.  That PC has died after decades of valiant service.  I am trying to install the software on a newer (2007-vintage) PC running Windows XP.  However, I have serveral issues:

The biggest issue is that my former co-worker lost the original installation media for the software many years ago.  So, I had to attach the old HD to the newer computer and copy all of the files over (I know, not really the right way to do it, but it's all I've got.)  I copied enough of the DLL and ENU files to various directories in the HPCHEM directory in order to get the software to run.  My issue, now, appears to be that I can't get the instrument and the PC to communicate.

We have the JetDirect card which is attached via an ethernet cable.  In older versions of Windows, the CAG Bootp Server software was required to make the network connection.  However, when I try to run that in Win XP, I get a "bootp server is already running" response (meaning, I guess, that XP has a built in bootp service???).  So, now I'm stuck.  I don't know I specifically need the CAG Bootp server software, or if I can configure the TCP/IP settings in the WinXP networking to perform essentially the same task.  If it is the latter, I can't seem to get it set up right.  In the "old" system, the instrument was set to, but assigning that IP address in the TCP/IP settings in XP doesn't seem to work.

Could it be that this version of ChemStation just isn't ever going to work in Win XP?  I could try installing Win2000, if that would work.  I don't think re-stalling Windows 95/98 is an option on any computer we have available.  I tried to install Win98 in a VirtualBox VM, but I couldn't get it to install.

And I will preemptively address the very reasonable "why not upgrade to newer ChemStation" question with the response that we are a small academic institution with a very limited budget, and I'd rather not spend a significant chunk of our budget on software if I don't have to.

Thanks for whatever help you might have!


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