ChemStation A.06.01 on Windows XP (?)


We have a 20+ year-old HP 1100 HPLC that is/was running ChemStation A.06.01 on an old PC running Windows 98.  That PC has died after decades of valiant service.  I am trying to install the software on a newer (2007-vintage) PC running Windows XP.  However, I have serveral issues:

The biggest issue is that my former co-worker lost the original installation media for the software many years ago.  So, I had to attach the old HD to the newer computer and copy all of the files over (I know, not really the right way to do it, but it's all I've got.)  I copied enough of the DLL and ENU files to various directories in the HPCHEM directory in order to get the software to run.  My issue, now, appears to be that I can't get the instrument and the PC to communicate.

We have the JetDirect card which is attached via an ethernet cable.  In older versions of Windows, the CAG Bootp Server software was required to make the network connection.  However, when I try to run that in Win XP, I get a "bootp server is already running" response (meaning, I guess, that XP has a built in bootp service???).  So, now I'm stuck.  I don't know I specifically need the CAG Bootp server software, or if I can configure the TCP/IP settings in the WinXP networking to perform essentially the same task.  If it is the latter, I can't seem to get it set up right.  In the "old" system, the instrument was set to, but assigning that IP address in the TCP/IP settings in XP doesn't seem to work.

Could it be that this version of ChemStation just isn't ever going to work in Win XP?  I could try installing Win2000, if that would work.  I don't think re-stalling Windows 95/98 is an option on any computer we have available.  I tried to install Win98 in a VirtualBox VM, but I couldn't get it to install.

And I will preemptively address the very reasonable "why not upgrade to newer ChemStation" question with the response that we are a small academic institution with a very limited budget, and I'd rather not spend a significant chunk of our budget on software if I don't have to.

Thanks for whatever help you might have!


  • I'm not a software specialist, but Chemstation A.06.01 was released 06/98, where we only started shipping bundle PCs with Windows 2000 end of 2001, so the best choice for your old Chemstation would be Windows NT. Running NT on a newer PC could be problematic, so looking for a used HP Kayak XM 600, which was the high-end model back in the day, would be a good idea.

  • Once you have the software running, try to get rid of BootP. Assuming you have a G1369A (or B or C) communication card installed in your detector (or at least a J4100A JetDirect card) just assign to the LAN card in your PC and you should be able to ping

  • Thanks for the advice.  I think I will probably try Win2000 first, since it is pretty similar to NT4, if I recall.  In searching the internet, it seems some people have had luck with it.  If that doesn't work, I might go the NT4.

  • We have a JetDirect.  I tried assigning this IP address, but it didn't help. 

  • A.06.01 is compatible and tested with Win 95 and Win NT 4.0, SP3, SP4

    You will need Bootp with the JetDirect card to assign the ip address. 

    If you can get a G1369 card it will be easier to get it to communicate.

  • Just a general question here for the Agilent people. If someone had a physical copy of the software of A.06.01 or something compatible that they weren’t using anymore, are there license issues if a copy was sent to Mike. It seems like Mike has a valid license but no physical copy of the software and I am guessing that Agilent don’t.  Hypothetical at this point as I don’t know if I can find a copy but wanted to ask. Kevin

  • OK, so I got an old-enough computer to install Windows 98.  And now Bootp runs, and connects with the LC 1100.  However, now I can't get the ChemStation to run properly.  It says that the pump (which has the JetDirect card installed) and the VDM aren't connected....BootP says that they are.  

    Here are the steps I've done:

    - copied all of the files from the HPCHEM folder and the CAG BootP folder  from the old HDD to the current HDD.  

    -  Copied all the lines (that pertain to the ChemStation and BootP software) out of the old WIN.INI file and into the current WIN.INI file.

    -  When trying to run ChemStation, if an error such as "missing  FILENAME.DLL" comes up, I search for that file and copy it to the "HPCHEM/CORE" folder, which is where the software seems to be looking for it.  There were probably about 20 of these until it "worked"*   (*  as in, ran to the point that that everything seemed to load....minus the issue with it not finding the instrument).

    -  Added lines in the PATH in the Autoexec.bat file to point to the HPCHEM folder, just in case.  

    I also have all of the files from the "Windows" folder from the old HDD, in case there were any DLLs installed there that would be needed.  I don't see any errors for anything missing that would be in there, however.

    At this point, I'm stumped.  I actually did pretty much everything list above once before when we had a PC failure, and that seemed to work fine.  I can't figure out why it is being so difficult this time around.

  • OK, I've finally got it (mostly working).  The thing I forgot to do (which sschombu told me above) was to assign the LAN card as  I had done that back when I was trying WinXP, but not since I got Win98 working.  Anyway, that mostly solved the problem.  I still get an error that says that HPSPL00.EXE can't run after starting ChemStation, but whatever than is, it doesn't seem to affect the basic control of the instrumentation and recording of data (which is all I really need for teaching purposes).

    Thanks to everyone who responded!

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