Waters column on a Agilent 1200


I have a question on Atlantis HPLC t3 column bought recently. We have an Agilent 1200 HPLC system for which I need to connect the Atlantis column. The column endfittings does not match with the existing tubing ferrule setting. I see Waters columns have a deeper seat for the tubing. Can anyone suggest what column connectors and system tubings need to be considered to ensure a best fit? I read in the literature A-Line quick connect fittings can be used but i don't have complete information.


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    You can check LC fiitings in attached file..

  • The first choice is definitely A-line, or just use PEEK tubings and finger tightable ferrules, if your application is gonna be less than 400 bars.

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    This brochure shows what you're looking for  - https://www.agilent.com/cs/library/flyers/public/flyer-quick-connect-fittings-infinitylab-5991-5164EN_agilent.pdf

    You need the Quick Turn fitting - 5067-5966 and an appropriate diameter and length of tubing from the list in the brochure.  Typically this would be 105mm long and either 0.17mm inner diameter (5500-1193) or 0.12mm inner diameter (5500-1188).

    I would use these fittings for the inlet to the column.  Peek tubing with fingertight fittings would be fine on the outlet of the column, where the pressure is low.


  • Thanks. I requested for a quote for those parts. Hopefully it works 

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