G1364F skipping collection vials

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I'm using a 1260 LC/MSD and triggering fraction collection on selected masses. This appears to be working correctly, but I've started seeing an odd behavior with the collector. I'll enter a vial position for collection to start in, but at the beginning of the run the needle will choose a different one (for example, I select D1, it starts in D4), and then once collection starts, it will collect in non-consecutive vials for no reason I can find. For example, one run collected consecutive volumes of a single peak into D4, D6, E9, F12/3/4/5. This has occurred on several runs, not generally into the same wells, once resulting in 'collection' onto the floor of the FRC, as I'd only loaded a single rack of vials and it 'ran out' of spots after skipping almost all the available vials. 


If anyone has advice on this issue, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Not sure what software you are using, but I would suggest to try and make a sequence from scratch and avoid using a sequence template or pre existing sequence. That way you will know if the issue is that file being corrupted. You might also want to look into your method, especially if it is new, to confirm everything is right and if it is and the sequence from scratch does not work, perhaps remaking the method from scratch and then making a new sequence again with that new method.

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    You have to make sure you reset the fraction fill volumes whenever you put fresh vials in the collector. The user knows that the vial/tube is free but the collector does not. The only way to let the collector know that the vials are empty is to either:

    Right mouse click on the fraction collector icon and choose 'Reset Fraction Volumes.....' OR

    Go to the Instrument menu item and choose 'More Fraction Collector' then 'Reset Fraction Volumes.....' 


    To that end, its best to perform this whenever you remove any tubes from the collector (even if its just one or two tubes from the entire tray). If there are multiple users of the system, its a good idea that each user performs this task before before running a sample. Of course, make sure that the collector tray has fresh clean tubes in every position.


    By the way, power cycling the module has the same effect.


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  • Thanks for these suggestions! It did turn out that resetting the fraction volumes solved the problem. 

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