Risk assesments of HPLC Infinity 2

Are there templates within Agilent for the evaluation of a hazard risk assessment using a Agilent Infinity 2 NP/HPLC/ELSD Unit?

  • Please, could you elaborate on what info you are looking for?  An evaluation of the hazard risk created by running an ELSD?  Like vapors?

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    "An evaluation of the hazard risk created by running an ELSD?  Like vapors?"

    • Yes for sure that would be a part too I think

    But also the evaluation of running the pumps, and the oven with unpolar liquids like hexane/2-propanol/water gradient in NP Chromtography at 55°C after method AOCS Ja 7c-07.

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    Please refer to your hardware specific manuals, also available on: Search | Agilent . The ELSD for exemple brings the warning bellow. Also consider your NP solvents chemical warnings and typical HPLC leaks risks.



    Risk of intoxication and contamination of detector Toxic evaporation and accumulation of condensing solvent

    ➔ The exhaust must be extracted to a suitable fume extraction system.

    ➔ Attach one end of the exhaust hose to the rear of the unit.

    ➔ Ensure the exhaust hose has an upward slope from the detector so that any condensed solvent is collected in the waste bottle at the front of the unit and to prevent it accumulating in the tubing.

    ➔ Make sure the other end of the exhaust hose is vented to a fume hood or other disposal unit."

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