Sample cooler cools, but doesn't reach 4°C

We're having some problems with our 1260 Infinity II Vialsampler (G7129A). The temperature of the sample compartment is set to 4°C, but the actual temperature is always around 10 - 12°C. When running the sampler cooler function test, it's a pass. The drainage of the condense water works fine and there is enough space for ventilation at the back of the instrument.The temperature in the lab is around 22°C. In June, the cooler thermostat was already replaced by another one, but the problem keeps on coming back...

  • Dear Gabcaron,


    Thanks for the input. The tube is indeed configured correctly and not hanging in the liquid of the waste container. I will now try to turn off sample cooler overnight, so that he will go to RT (which is appr 23 - 25 °C) and try again tomorrow to go to 4°C.


    Thank you!


  • Make sure the drain tube is always going downward and does not stay horizontal or goes back upward. 

    Make sure the tube is not inside the liquid in the waste container or whatever container it goes to.


    If those 2 are correct, you might have some frost going on. You can set up the sampler to room temperature or 25-30C overnight to make sure that there is no frosting going on anymore. Next day you come in, set your thermostat to 4C and see if it will reach or hold that temperature.

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