Long multisampler purge times - workarounds?

With the dual needle hardware (1260 Infinity II Multisampler) I understand that automated purge of solvent paths is a built in operation.


From G7167-90230: "Both flow paths need to contain the same solvent composition that is identical with the starting conditions of the next run. Therefore, the Multisampler flushes both paths after any change of solvent composition, method, a general change of solvents, or switch off/on of pumps. With large volume loops installed this can take substantial time depending on flow rates used and total volumes. To avoid lengthy flush times during method development or frequent method changes, either use low volume loops on both sides or manually install a specific bypass capillary (Agilent part number 5500-1238) to cut off one of the flow paths."


In our case with a small loop and a large (500 ul) loop both installed, typical purge time is ~10+ minutes every time we submit a new sample batch (this makes method development quite time consuming), even if the method is only a 10 ul injection.


I understand the alternative hardware installations described above, to shorten the automated purge time frustration. I prefer to keep the hardware as is. Has anyone discovered a software workaround?

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