1290 Infinity II Preparative Open-Bed Sampler/Collector


I have a question.

I have a preparative system of the following modules:  G7115A - 1260 Diode Array Detector, 7158B –ALS/FC, G7161B –binary pump, and G9328A - 1260 Infinity II Column Organizer.This is a preparative line.

  I want to add an analysis line and buy another pump (G7111b- 1260 quaternary pump), detector (G7115A) and column holder (G7163B - 1290 Infinity II Preparative Column Compartment). I want to put two valve (G4734A - 6-position / 14-port valve head Prep) in this device - one for the analytical line, the other for the preparative one. To be able to direct the streams to different columns without removing the columns. Will there be a software conflict with this configuration with two identical valve and two identical detectors? And is it possible to install two valve, because the manual describes that it is possible to connect one valve?

Regars. Azrael

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