stoped analysis

Hello! I have  problem with analysis. When i start sequence analysis after some time stopped analysis. why? This problem software or computer? System consists with 1260 hplc with 2 detector - DAD and ELSD. detectors connect with SWITCH.


regards Azrael

  • You will have to check the Chemstation Log file, to get an idea what happened and when.


    Did I get you right, that both the DAD and the ELSD use LAN communication and their LAN cables go to a network switch? As the ELSD is not on the CAN bus, you still need a proper remote cable, which usually goes from the ELSD to the autosampler. Adding some more details about the model numbers, firmware, software version etc. might help as well.

  • Yes, you understood correctly. the DAD and the ELSD detector use LAN communication a network swith. A little later I will look at the firmware and the LOG file. Thanks!

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