Purge  valve leaks_AGilent 1260


i've changed frit and golden seal cap of my HPLC Agilent 1260 as ususal. This time, after the replacement of the valve, there's a leak, I' ve tighten the valve but there is a drop: what can I do?


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  • Thank you  a lot for your answer, I am not using the Teflon inside the purge valve and I clean it with the solvent  acetonitrile   so as to avoid the  contented, 

    sorry these links don't open so I can:t see  the pictures 

    The O-ring is the P/N 5067-6595 1260 PV O-ring FKM5lpack it's cut so I think it is the real problem. and I cant buy another one  for now so  I ask for advice 

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